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Not long ago, two astro-miners named Ina & Amanda were sent on a mission to explore the cosmos in search of precious metals. Navigating past bright stars and swirling nebulae, the two intrepid explorers sought to record their galactic chapters through pastime doodles.
Determined to share the marvels of the universe with fellow Earthlings back home, the innovative duo decided to collect decommissioned satellite dishes and forge their dust into wearable art.
Of course, the inspiration behind their first creative piece - an adorable little creature the pair met along their voyage - is another story altogether.
During an impromptu expedition past the Ghost Nebula, Ina & Amanda’s spaceship was struck by an unexpected solar storm, forcing the two to make an emergency crash landing on an uncharted planet. Unbeknownst to them, this foreign territory was home to Flike, the mighty ruler of Planet Corgon.
Despite his deceptively cute exterior, Flike is actually a highly intelligent sentient being whose race is responsible for maintaining order in the universe.
Once the furry denizens of Planet Corgon learned of the duo’s hopes of returning to the stars, they encouraged their ruler to assist with the repairing of their ship, and to form a harmonious alliance with the two Earthlings.
Not long after, Flike was invited to join the crew as a Commander, to aid in spreading the carefree spirits and cuddly cuteness of his fellow Corgons to the known Universe.
Commander Flike currently helps with missions and even accompanies Ina & Amanda during their routine landings on Earth. When not in orbit and transporting their interstellar goods, the space-faring trio traverse the galaxy in continuous search of heavenly bodies and other-worldly inspiration.
TLDR Version:
Satellite Dust is a commercial spaceship that transports interstellar merchandise down to planet Earth. Currently in orbit, the ship is being piloted by two Earthians, Ina & Amanda with the help of Commander Flike.

Our pins are made from the metal scraps of decommissioned satellites we collect during our journey. When you make a purchase, you’ll own your very own Satellite Dust! For more news and updates, you can follow our galactic journey HERE!
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